Offering Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Thai, and Reiki.

Massage Therapy  is a therapeutic art that unwinds muscle, tendon, and ligiment tension due to stress, injury and overuse. Cultivating the health of the body and creating a relaxing space the body is able to find equilibrium. Massage effectively …

  • Reduces pain associated with acute and chronic pain
  • Aids in the surgical process
  • Speeds recovery after surgery
  • Improves the body system functions
  • Helps pregnant mothers feel comfortable, and reduces labor time.

    Deep tissue  is a muscle based therapy that targets trigger points to release bound, locked tissue to reduce pain and increase mobility.

    Swedish Massage  is a form of massage that is the art of relaxation; light flowing strokes are applied to soften tissue.

    Hot stone  utilizes warm stones to massage tissues and get deeper into the layers of restriction.

    Thai  is a clothed treatment. Passive stretches, and compressions are applied to release the body from pain and postural habits that can create wear on the physical body.

    Reiki  is an energy based therapy that creates a self-healing environment within the body. It helps the client move through mental processes to break out of negative patterns.

    Yoga  The ancient practice of yoga creates alignment in all body systems. The muscle strengthening, allows the body to reprogram from postural weakness. While the stretching releases the bound muscle. Quite mediation connects us with or lives and our body so that we can move into awareness that aides us in the process to health.

    Cupping  This ancient alternative form of medicine is used to gently draw the muscle and scar tissue upward away from the skeletal system breaking up adhesions and mobilizing blood flow.

    Sound  This complementary service sends sound frequencies to the muscle tissue breaking up deep muscle pain. The art can be enhanced with any other modality.

    Wraps  Skin Care Body wraps are provided with individual ingredients to suit your needs. Wraps draw out toxins from the skin adding to the release of pain and increase of circulation. The wraps can also be used to improve the overall health of our largest organ, the skin.

    Essential Oils  have many healing elements which enhance and personalize your treatment. The highest grade oils are used.

    Steam  can be a beneficial component of a massage. It detoxes the skin, decongests the sinuses, relieves allergies, increases circulation, decreases joint and muscle pain, and acts as an inflammatory.

    Please call with any questions or to book a massage, body treatment, or private yoga session.


    Emmi Chapdelaine

    Newport, Vermont

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    Certified Massage Therapist -300s hour of continuing Education